Workshops and Courses.


As Arte Amanha we offer a range of courses and workshops, in which our aim is to pass on the knowledge and skill we gained over many years, for your benefit, growth and to keep rural crafts alive in an ever changing world.


Natural Handspun Wool Portugal
Natural and Synthetic wool dyeing

The dyeing process can be split into natural and synthetic dyeing both of which we use. Our dyeing methods use natural energy, predominantly solar, and in the winter months a wood burning stove. All of the mordants used, which fix the colour to the wool, are also natural.

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Rural Life Training Workshops Portugal
Rural Life

Our whole idea revolves around us coming to you, to teach you the skills you may need for the new lifestyle you have chosen.Each module will take 2 hours, some practical and others just a discussion taking you to the point that you can do it yourself. Depending on the module a maximum of two people per session is advised.Each module will cost €14

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Rural Life Training
Natural Olive Oil Soap Portugal
Olive Oil Soap        Making

The making of soap from olive oil is a centuries old craft in the mediteranian. Our soap course will take you throught he whole process and produce 4 bars of soap to take home.

Course 4hrs €30 for a max of 6 people.

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Natural Handspun Wool Portugal
Spinning for Beginners


Our one day spinning for beginners course, will take you from never having used a spinning wheel to being able to spin your own skein of wool ready to knit. Our students normally take two skeins of wool home by the end of the day.

The course is 1 full day, with lunch and materials included. €50.

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