Wool Work

Hand spinning is a dying craft not only in Portugal but all over the world. The texture, lustre and feel of hand spun wool is something quite unique, and we hope to be a part of this art form's revival, and make it readily available to everyone.The craft of spinning wool by hand allows for individuality and expression of mood.

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 The spinning of wool has been in our family for years and we both learned from Mary (Scott's mother) who is a master spinner and teacher in South Africa. Every spinner has a different touch and therefore the hand spun skeins produced, by each individual are unique with their own quality and thickness. Our aim is for the wool we spin to have range of thickness, texture and colour, giving a varied and exciting end product.

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The hand spun wool that we sell begins its journey on Portuguese sheep. We buy both raw and carded wool within Portugal, and process the wool from there. A lot of the wool is spun in its natural colour, white and brown, and combinations of this, however for other colours it is mostly dyed first and spun later into blends both subtle and vibrant. We use both natural dyeing methods using plant products found on our farm Vale Salgueiro, as well as synthetic dyes. All our dyeing is done using natural energy.

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We also run courses for novice spinners, allowing people to experiance the craft and gain valuable knowledge. By doing this we ensure the future of our craft and give much needed encouragement and skills to our larger comunity.

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Natural Handspun Wool Portugal
Natural Handspun Wool Portugal
Natural Handspun Wool Portugal