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Natural Handspun Wool Workshops Portugal

Spinning workshop

Spinning for beginners. A one day course.


Learn to spin sheep’s wool on a traditional treadle spinning wheel. At the end of the day you will have learnt the basics of this ancient craft and be able to spin a skein of wool.


The workshop starts with refreshments while we go through the course notes and the outline of the spinning process.


We will cover:-


▪ Brief history spinning.

▪ Materials that can be spun

▪ Cleaning and carding a fleece.

▪ The basics of a spinning wheel and how it functions.

▪ The art of spinning▪ Back spinning, plying and the ‘Niddy Noddy’.


You'll go home with your creations and all the skills needed to continue spinning.


€50p/p lunch included

9.30am to approximately 4.30pm Max. 4 people

All material and equipment provided.


If you do have your own spinning wheel please bring it along as it is easier to continue using the same wheel that you learn on.


Taylor made courses for more experienced spinners can be made.


(For directions please see how to find us)



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